Thursday, May 28, 2009

Has the Chasm Closed Between Literary Scholars and Scientists?

50th Anniversary of the "Two Cultures": Where are we now?

The excellent magazine SEED is hosting what looks to be a very interesting series of videos on the supposed gap between the humanities and the sciences. I have not yet checked out the videos myself, but I hope this will be required-viewing-for-all stuff.

As the SEED website says: "It's 50 years after C.P. Snow first described a chasm between literary intellectuals and scientists. Snow's words touched off decades of debate on both the existence of the 'Two Cultures' and the possibility of a 'Third Culture' — a group that could bridge the gap between scientists and humanists. Seed asked six thinkers where we are now: Whether the Two Cultures are still divided, and what role the Third Culture plays in shaping our understanding of the world."

In a similar vein, Language Log has a post on the division between linguists and mathematicians. Pun intended.

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