Sunday, June 7, 2009

Call for Collaborators

Using the wonderful (i.e., free) resources of Google, I have begun to set up a site that I hope will serve well as the initial home of the Beowulf online edition I am imagining. The site is called Beowulf Is Min Nama.

I must credit The Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project for giving me the idea to set up a separate site. If Aaron Hostetter reads this: I'm very appreciative of your work.

For the Beowulf site, I invite anyone who is interested to contact me about being a collaborator in developing it. Who knows what it could become and do? If you or any daring folk care to join in, just email me at jbmyerov[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Feel free to forward along this message.

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Aaron Hostetter said...

Hi Jon,

Thank you for the thumbs up about the ASNPP pages. They have been a interesting row to hoe, but I'm happy whenever I see a fellow traveler has stopped by the page.

The Beowulf project sounds very interesting. I'm very much in favor of breaking down the ways we receive Anglo-Saxon poetry, especially the Sievers types. You may have seen how it can work in my translation, but it needs to be extended to poems in their original language. Obviously people once found the mise-en-page of the Beowulf MS comprehensible -- we just have to rediscover what the key is.

Keep up the good work with your page, and I will continue to follow it.

Aaron Hostetter