Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Junicode Release

Peter Baker of the University of Virginia sent a note to the digital medievalist list on the new release of Junicode, the font for medievalists (and others). This is the first new release since 1977.

From good Professor Baker's note:
This release contains fixes of several bugs, improved coverage of the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (MUFI) character set (though this is not yet complete). Most of the medievalist Unicode characters recently added in Latin Extended D and other ranges have been added. Many of these were already in the Private Use Area; the PUA characters remain for now, but users should begin to adopt the new, more standard encodings. The regular face currently contains 5870 glyphs; the italic, bold and bold italic faces are much less complete, though an effort is being made to make the italic face match the regular where appropriate.

The design of several glyphs has been revised; those who prefer the old design should turn on "Style Set 9" in an OpenType-aware application.

On the technical side, OpenType support has been improved and extended. TrueType instructions have been supplied for all glyphs: these are a mix of "auto-hints" added by FontForge and instructions written by hand.
Ref.: http://junicode.sourceforge.net/

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